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Chios Living Lab

What are Living Labs?

Living Labs (LL) are user-centred environments that enable innovation, co-creation and start-up development. In CLIMAS people involved in living labs activities will support the development of the different tools through co-creation and testing sessions, before their validation in Climate Assemblies.

What is the Chios LL involved in?

The Chios Living Lab, established in 2017, focuses on environmental awareness and smart island development. Originally led by the Aegean Greeners, a volunteer group from the University of the Aegean, the lab collaborates with local entities, organizing events like beach clean-ups and contributing data to the Marine Litter Watch database. Supported by EN.I.R.I.S.S.T., it explores transport and environmental initiatives. In the CLIMAS project, the lab expands its role to include diverse local segments, aiming to co-create solutions for climate adaptation through citizen engagement.

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