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Vilnius Living Lab

What are Living Labs?

Living Labs (LL) are user-centred environments that enable innovation, co-creation and start-up development. In CLIMAS people involved in living labs activities will support the development of the different tools through co-creation and testing sessions, before their validation in Climate Assemblies.


What is the Vilnius LL involved in?

The Vilnius Living Lab, located in Naujamiestis district, Vilnius, Lithuania, is a dynamic, community-driven research environment undergoing a creative transformation of former industrial spaces. Engaging residents, businesses, and cultural entities, it co-creates experimental projects for urban innovation. With a focus on climate change mitigation, its participatory nature positions it as a model for testing and replicating methods across Vilnius. By involving the community in initiatives like urban farming, green energy utilization, and waste reduction, the Living Lab becomes a catalyst for city-wide sustainability. Documenting and analyzing these efforts, it provides evidence-based strategies for urban adaptation to climate change, inspiring similar endeavors in Vilnius and beyond.

Below you can read the latest news about Vilnius Living Lab. The Vilnius Living Lab is led by the project coordinator Vilnius Tech University in collaboration with Vilnius Planas.

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Further information on Vilnius Living Lab will soon be published on this page!

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