About the project

CLIMAS – CLIMAte change citizens engagement toolbox for dealing with Societal resilience

HORIZON-MISS-2021-CLIMA-02-05 – Local engagement of citizens in the co-creation of societal transformational change for climate resilience

Climate assemblies and Living Labs are considered sustainable and effective tools to foster deliberative democracy in climate policymaking. The CLIMAS project aims to support the transformation towards climate resilience by providing an innovative problem-oriented climate adoption Toolbox, co-designed with stakeholders using a value-based approach, design thinking methods, and citizen science mechanisms. Our research will be carried out with a gender and diversity-sensitive approach, ensuring inclusivity and equity. The Toolbox will proactively address possible tensions, points of controversy, and dilemmas related to the adaptation to resilience. By doing so, the Toolbox aims to enable empowerment and engagement strategies that promote a society “resilient by design”.

Concept and Methodology

The project will adopt an iterative process of design-thinking in living labs and climate assemblies to develop a portfolio of alternative empowering and engaging mechanisms and tools. These mechanisms and tools will be accessible to diverse actors, who can adapt and deploy them to best suit their socio-cultural contexts through a process of “indigenization”.



Project Coordinator

Sister Project

AGORA’s project main ambition is to promote societal transformational processes in different social, economic and political contexts through transdisciplinary tools and approaches.

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