Faced with the disappearance of traditional intermediate bodies, can there be practices and paths to bring citizens closer to institutions? If and under what conditions can democratic innovation narrow the gap between representation and participation?

We the People is an international discussion with civil society actors, participation platforms and experts on the topic who try to investigate the horizons of deliberative and participatory democracy practices; the possibility of democratic innovation to scale beyond the local dimension; strategies to overcome the wall of ‘non-participation’ that often confines these experiences to the involvement of minorities.

How to inclusively involve citizens in public decision-making and ensure that their recommendations find a place in the political arena?

The discussion is articulated in three webinars:

  • Mini and Maxi Public: Trust in Deliberation, 30 May 2023
  • The Role of Platforms in Connecting Mini and Maxi Public, 21 June 2023

  • The hard life of a facilitator: deliberating on complex issues, 06 July 2023
  • How to perform your interests during deliberation. Democracy beyond the exit strategies, 7 September 2023

Find more information about the series of webinars at fondazionefeltrinelli.it/wethepeople/ or phoenix-horizon.eu/

SAVE THE DATE. The We the People path leads towards the third Forum on the Future of Democracy, to be held on 5 December at the Fondazione G. Feltrinelli. The Forum will offer the opportunity to rethink democracy, starting from different experiences of democratic innovation.

How is participation changing? How are cities being transformed and how can they accommodate active citizenship? How can we contribute to reducing the gap between citizens and institutions?

These are some of the questions that will animate the dialogue between experts, scholars, practitioners, representatives of the world of culture, politicians, associations, movements and organisations, together with representatives of the main European institutions.


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