In this article we describe the actual survey on Current Engagement Status in Europe

Would you like to contribute to understanding the current engagement status in Europe? The CLIMAS consortium invites you to participate in our survey and help us better understand the EU regions and local communities’ capacity to engage stakeholders and citizens in deciding climate change actions.

Public authorities engage with stakeholders and citizens every day, but how do they do it? What tools do they use, and how will they include the results of the engagement activities in their local policies?

The survey we prepared helps us gather insights into these practices in order to design an innovative problem-oriented climate adoption toolbox. Through the research conducted and the materials that will be developed, the CLIMAS project aims to support the take-up of the citizens’ climate assemblies in EU regions/cities.

Can we count on you to be part of promoting climate assemblies? Your participation is very valuable for the consortium and it will contribute to a better understanding of how cities are responding to the challenges of climate change.

Take the Survey on Engagement!

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