Digitalization and datafication have been the key drivers of the global and local economies in the last decade. Data, especially big data combined with artificial intelligence is seen as creating economic and social value on a scale that surpasses that of oil in the 19th and 20th centuries.

On the other side of this promising future are the negative externalities of digitalization: increased risks of surveillance, security and breach of privacy.
Some of these problems have been tackled by technological and legal instruments.
However, there is almost no academic or strategic discourse about data waste: the generation, management, risks and costs of unused and unusable data. 

To tackle this problem, we are conducting a survey focused on the practices of researchers: what they know and what they do with data? How is data waste generated, accumulated and managed?

Please help us by filling in our survey on data waste. A policy brief based on your kind contribution will be made available.
It takes just 7 minutes to participate by following this link: Survey on data waste


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