The CLIMAS project begin!
Last January a new EU-funded project was launched with the aim of accelerating the transformation to
climate resilience by improving citizen engagement through a toolbox expected to further democratise assemblies within 150 EU regions. 

The project, named “CLIMAte change citizens engagement toolbox for dealing with Societal resilience” (CLIMAS), is a joint initiative of nineteen (19) European organisations and universities, funded under the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme for the next three years. The CLIMAS project directly addresses the urgent need for a higher involvement of the civil society in climate adaptation and resilience efforts, by providing collaborative decision-making tools that can be used and customised by all citizens, civil society organisations, local governments, and other stakeholders across the EU. 

The CLIMAS toolbox will include a range of resources, such as online platforms for interactive discussions, guidelines for conducting effective assemblies and consultations, and best practices for the participation of diverse communities and stakeholders in climate adaptation planning and implementation. The CLIMAS project team will also provide training and support to local institutions and other relevant actors to ensure that the toolbox is effectively used to drive climate resilience transformation in each community.

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