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Joint Research Centre Living Lab

What are Living Labs?

Living Labs (LL) are user-centred environments that enable innovation, co-creation and start-up development. In CLIMAS people involved in living labs activities will support the development of the different tools through co-creation and testing sessions, before their validation in Climate Assemblies.

What is the JRC LL involved in?

JRC Living Lab will give transversal support to the co-design and engagement activities with a city-like, controlled environment, state of-the-art laboratories and technical support, scientific expertise, advanced infrastructures, IPR and exploitation advice.

The JRC Makerspace, the first of its kind in an EU institution, is a physical space located at the Joint Research Centre’s Ispra site designed to promote active participation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among different actors. The JRC Makerspace is part of a new strategy that views citizens as epistemic actors and not just people whose opinions need to be surveyed. In this sense, the JRC Makerspace was conceived, in particular, to support ideas of societal deliberation, co-creation and citizen empowerment. It is a space to explore new methodologies of citizen engagement, as well as on recent phenomena like citizen science and DIY movements as more profound and care-oriented forms of societal participation in techno-scientific innovation processes.

The JRC Makerspace is part of the Competence Centre on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy (CC-DEMOS).

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