The CLIMAS project, aimed at renewing climate resilience research, has officially opened its new Instagram page. With a commitment to promoting awareness and inclusiveness, CLIMAS also lands on Instagram, offering an inside look at the project, the world of Climate Assemblies, Living Labs and more.

CLIMAS Instagram Profile

Figure 1. CLIMAS Instagram Profile

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This article is a preview of the rich content CLIMAS has in store. Over the coming months, immerse yourself in a series of posts on Instagram featuring excerpts from video interviews collected around Europe from diverse people committed to deliberative democracy as a tool for climate adaptation. These clips will offer a more detailed understanding the potential of climate assemblies, what CLIMAS is and how this toolbox aims to support a transition to climate resilience.

Keep in mind that each video interview portion is intentionally presented in the original language to promote authenticity and cultural diversity. Subtitles are available on the YouTube playlist linked below.

Introduction Posts:

    1. Welcome to CLIMAS’ new Instagram profile
    2. What is CLIMAS?
    3. Climate Stories

Alma Xochitl Zamora Mèndez Interview Highlights:

    1. ¿Quièn es Alma Xochitl Zamora Méndez?
    2. ¿Por qué es importante la participación?
    3. ¿Es el idioma una barrera?
    4. ¿Qué papel desempeñan las autoridades?

Introduction to the video series dedicated to introducing the key players in the video interviews:

    1. The voices of CLIMAS

Individual Testimonial Posts:

    1. Lisa Savoia
    2. Samuele Nannoni
    3. Francesca Cigala Fulgosi
    4. Raniero Maggini
    5. Maksis Apinis
    6. Hector Giourgis

For an immersive experience, explore the CLIMAS YouTube playlist, where auto-generated subtitles make these interesting interviews accessible to a global audience.
Follow this journey with CLIMAS, where climate action meets deliberative democracy.

Stay tuned for regular updates, inspiring stories, and a glimpse into the future of resilient democracy.


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