CLIMAS at the SB60 advocating for a more participatory and inclusive approach to global climate policymaking.

CLIMAS will be present at the SB60  Bonn Climate Change Conference next June 2024,  for  Advocating for a Global People Assembly: deliberative process beyond existing forms of participation.

Through this advocacy activity, cambiaMO that will represent CLIMAS project in the Conference seeks to amplify the voices of marginalised communities, land and environmental defenders, civil society representatives, and all people in vulnerable situations, including women, girls, and gender-diverse individuals, Indigenous peoples, children and youth, people with disabilities and elderly.

At the heart of the proposed People’s Assembly framework lies the mission to complement the UNFCCC Global Stocktake (GTS) process, ensuring that grassroots perspectives directly inform global climate policy. Through local and regional assemblies culminating in a global assembly, the framework bridges local experiences with global deliberations, emphasizing inclusivity and diverse representation.  This structure facilitates broad stakeholder engagement at all levels, with a focus on inclusivity and the integration of diverse perspectives, particularly from marginalised communities and people in vulnerable situations.

The advocacy work of cambiaMO will critically examine existing structures for grassroots participation in UNFCCC processes, highlighting gaps that hinder genuine and inclusive engagement. Activists and community representatives will share their experiences in navigating these structures and advocate for a more participatory approach to climate decision-making.

Future GST would benefit from defined expectations and guidelines under each Article of the Paris Agreement, including Action Climate Empowerment that includes “the Public Participation” together with “Education, Public Awareness, Training, Public Access to Information, International Cooperation”.

The CLIMAS project looks forward to engaging with stakeholders and catalyzing transformative change towards a more participatory and inclusive approach to global climate policymaking.


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