As part of the CLIMAS toolkit for citizen climate assemblies, we are seeking citizen science projects that can be used to engage citizens in climate action and inform policy decisions. 

Citizen science projects can play a valuable role in citizen climate assemblies by raising public awareness of climate change, collecting data on local climate impacts, developing and testing solutions to climate challenges or informing policy decisions on climate change. 

Types of Projects 

We are interested in a wide range of citizen science projects that are relevant to climate change and we specially encourage citizen social science projects. Examples of potential projects include: monitoring environmental indicators (e.g., air quality, water quality, biodiversity); mapping climate impacts (e.g., sea level rise, extreme weather event); developing climate change adaptation strategies (e.g., green infrastructure, sustainable energy); evaluating climate change policies, etc. 


 To be considered for inclusion in the toolkit, citizen science projects must: 

  • Be relevant to climate change. 
  • Be accessible to a wide range of citizens. 
  • Be scientifically sound. 
  • Have a clear and achievable goal. 
  • Potential impact on climate action and policy. 
  • Be able to be implemented in a citizen climate assembly setting. 

Submission Process 

To submit your citizen science project for consideration, please fill this form with the information requested. We will review all submitted projects and select a number of projects for inclusion in the toolkit based on the previous criteria. 

This open call is target to the broad citizen science community. By participating in this open call, you have the opportunity to share your citizen science project with a wider audience and contribute to climate action and policy. 

Deadline: 30th of April 2024


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